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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Pink Review

I'am no marathon runner, just trying to get back to running like back in my cross country/track high school days. It's sooooo easy to use. I bought the 305/405 and immediately returned it because it was entirely too hard to figure out how to use. With the 110 you charge it, create your profile (weight, age, sex) go outside and let it sink with the satellites...then press start. It's that simple. If you get the one with the heart rate monitor, it gives you calories burned, and heart rate. I see people in here griping about something regarding the "pace". I don't displays the pace you are going at, so i'm not too sure what that is all about. You sync it with the garmin website, and it give you greater "in depth" information about your run.

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